Sega Dancers

Why not bring the colour, passion and vibrant culture of the Tropical Island of Mauritius to your event with the best of the best Sega dancers…

The sega is both the national dance and musical form of Mauritius. Introduced by African slaves during the French colonial period, the sega is an exotic, upbeat and uplifting form of dance.  Women in colourful skirts twirl and undulate, using graceful hand and arm motions while their feet shuffle along the ground.

segadancersThe beat creeps inside you and as your body responds to the rhythm, you are carried to heights of ecstasy, generating a vibrating force that shakes the “lead” off your feet and inspires you to a high-spirited and unrestrained way of dancing. Tiring perhaps, but ex-hilarating!

Sega dancers are ideal for any sort of Corporate Events and Conferences, Wedding Entertainment, Dinner Parties and Barbeques.

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